‘The Letter Elle’ is the project of Brisbane-based musician and producer, Elle Emery. Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Elle began playing around South-East Queensland in 2016. The Letter Elle takes influence from a myriad of styles. Her powerful vocals depict aspects of jazz and soul. Her production work introduces a vintage R&B aesthetic, and she utilizes folk/rock instrumentation. This diversity produces a unique alternative style that has audiences dancing from the first beat.

In 2015, Elle was hand-picked to represent Australia in the World Championships of Performing Arts, where she took out gold and silver placings in her categories. In 2017, she won the Stones Corner Open Mic Competition - landing her the opportunity to share the stage with Regurgitator, Hemingway and Sahara Beck. Shortly after this, Elle released her first EP. She has now taken on the role of producer in her latest track, 'Sunrise'.

The Letter Elle’s voice is beautifully deep and powerful. She uses her voice to promote her insights on the world around her, writing lyrics years beyond her age. Elle stylistically refers to Sahara Beck and MEG MAC as influences on her work. 'The Letter Elle' is an eccentric powerhouse ready to take the Australian music scene by storm.


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