Helping Artists Reduce Waste in The Music Industry



What is the 'Upcycled Merchandise' Concept?

Over the last few years, there has been a rise in awareness of waste and our personal impact on the Earth. Documentaries such as ‘Minimalism’ (available for viewing here) have made many people more aware of how much they are consuming - with a particular focus on the fast-fashion industry. As an avid thrift-shopper and strong supporter of trying to reduce waste, I thought it only fitting to bring these values of mine into my work space and start an 'Upcycled Merchandise' project.


My vision was to source pre-loved clothing and/or materials and use them to create merchandise. Up-cycling, or ‘creative re-use’, is the process of transforming waste materials or unwanted products into into something new to give them a better environmental value. Introducing this into the music industry is something I am extremely passionate about and am working to constantly develop my practises and encourage other artists to explore similar concepts.

My latest merchandise line can be bought on BandCamp:



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