SINGLE PREMIERE: The Letter Elle - 'Sunrise'


The Letter Elle's biggest musical inspirations


Brisbane/sunny coast's The Letter Elle brightens our day with smooth RnB track, 'sunrise'


Emily Hollitt Reviews 'The Letter Elle' Live

..."The Letter Elle performed next, another name I had definitely heard before, but again couldn’t quite pick where. She wore a gorgeous black pantsuit, some killer highlighter and absolutely rocking the front fringe, a look we all have attempted to rock at one point (yes I tried in my early teens and no I don’t want to talk about it). Her small stature immediately seemed so much larger once she opened her mouth and we heard her incredible voice. “What a way to start off a set, smacking yourself in the teeth with a microphone!” she says before playing the first single off her 2017 EP of the same name, The Girl in the Green. This track highlighted her lower range, showing her incredibly diverse vocal range. Her bassist and guitarist showed their strengths as supporting acts as they flawlessly harmonised the backing vocals in The Boy Down at the Market which she describes as “A very problematic song about two boys down at the market”, a bouncier, quirkier song that was one of the performance highlights off the set. In I Should Know she introduces a gorgeous grey Gretsch semi-acoustic guitar. The set finishes on her latest single Time, which Jess (Hazel Mei) described to me as “her angry climate change song”."

The Letter Elle Releases 'Time'

The latest release from 'The Letter Elle' is her newest track, 'Time'. This song is a powerful call to all of humanity to put down the phones and start standing up for what they believe in in. At a time when we need it most, the song in particular addresses the urgent need for action on climate change. The song begins with an eerie, floating synth intro and expands into a powerful beat from the moment the kick chimes in. The chorus is chant-like with the key lyrics being 'Time', 'See' and 'Know'. The layering of vocal harmonies reinforce the clear and concise message within the song. 


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