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Booking a Gig: Sounds Easy? There's More to it.

Music Industry Inside Out's interview with Dominic Miller, “Common Mistakes When Booking Gigs” is a brief insight into the joys artists face when dealing with venues in regards to bookings. Unfortunately, venues and booking agents are not always organised in providing worksheets, info and any other details you may need. Any seasoned musician will have a story or two of their issues with certain venues and how they lack in communication. As an independent musician, I can say that I am very often 'nagging' venues with set times, payment details, tech spec questions and other small things. It is important to remember to be easily contactable and TRY to be prompt when replying to messages as communication seems to be lacking in the music industry. If a venue does try to contact you to provide details, you need to be ready to respond and ensure everything goes smoothly. A similar video filmed with Chloe Goodyear discusses how using a worksheet (see this template) can help to make sure you have covered everything right from the moment you think of enquiring about a gig. Some helpful tricks I use in my own gig-booking practise is to have a well-written ‘mock’ email (see below) saved on my desktop. Having an easily accessible template saves you from sending 'dodgy' emails that miss minor details and end up breaking your relationship with a venue before it's begun. (Be mindful when filling in the blanks of the template to check you have put the right venue name in if you are doing the rounds).

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