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I'm Starting a Label - What Do I Do?

Michelle Padovan and Steve Bell address tips and basic starting points to consider when starting a label in their video, Nitty Gritty of Starting a Label”. These include things such as deciding on a name and logo, setting up bank accounts, and developing an online presence (i.e. Creating a website). Another interesting point they mention is building a ‘persona’ for the label and creating a digital presence. Having a clear vision of your target audience, themes, genres and any political issues you may want to address will help you develop the persona your viewers connect to. Developing this will also keep consistency in your posts resulting in better engagement and a more loyal following on social media. Inconsistency and irregular themes - particularly in the label’s online presence - can often lead to a lack of engagement and following on social media and may also cause bands to be hesitant to work with you. Whilst this point is interesting and quite a vital one that may be overlooked often, the video really is quite basic and does not provide a great insight to how much work really goes into beginning a record label. In comparison to sources such as Heather McDonald’s ‘How to Start a Record Label’, I probably would not go as far to say that the information provided in the video was exactly the ‘nitty gritty’ of the process. This video could be a great starting point to perhaps provoke further research using the other MIIO modules and their DIY blogs which provide much more thorough information on this topic.

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