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Keeping Audiences Engaged: No Longer a One-Man Operation

Guy Morrow discusses the increasing need for co-management in his article, ‘Distributed Agility: Artist Co-management in the Music Attention Economy’. Many artists and managers are becoming more aware of the rapidly declining attention span of the average person. Artists now have to keep their songs under three minutes and thirty seconds just to even have the chance to play on the radio. Simply releasing a song will no longer be enough to engage your audience and as an artist, your marketing plan is almost as important as the song itself to keep them hooked. Unfortunately, this means that managing is now very difficult to do as a solo operation. This is why co-management is becoming much more popular in the modern music world. There are many benefits that come with co-management of an artist - less stress, double the efficiency, double the resources and network, and much larger variety of skill sets. However, some of the downsides of having co-managers is the fact that you not only have to find one good manager that fits your band, but two (or sometimes even more). They not only all have to suit your band and be equally as passionate about your music, but they also have to suit each other. An interview with Alexandra Lee from ‘WatchuWatchu Productions’ discusses things artists should look for when choosing their managers, and the main argument presented is that all parties involved should be prepared and willing to go the extra mile for you because they believe in your music. Co-managing can be a great idea as long as the morals are the same: they believe in you and your music and are committed to succeeding as a team.


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