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Make People Laugh, Check. Land a Record Deal, Check.

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

‘Do Lime Cordial Have One of the Most Creative Campaigns in Australia?’ Tyler Jenke lays out the clever campaign behind the Sydney pop rock duo's latest release. The duo have gained extreme popularity over the past two years. Jenke's article details the creative marketing strategies implemented in early 2017, and talks about how their obscure marketing techniques proved to be extremely successful. Keep in mind that if you are independent musician like me, some of their ideas may be a tad out of your budget. Regardless, the ideas are creative, and great inspiration for 'thinking outside the box' with marketing. The process started with the band hand painting their album art as a mural in Sydney. They also released a bizarre, humorous video to promote their upcoming album, referring to it as 'Solid Gold'. This video received a lot of online feedback due to it's humorous content. An article by Tim Scott features another band who have used 'out of the box' humour to market their music. 'The Chats' are an up and coming Sunshine Coast band who posted a hilarious video for their song 'Smoko' to youtube. Within a week, their video had gone viral and they were being interviewed on the news, with people sharing it all over social media. Within six months, the band was touring not only Australia but also the UK and the US.

It goes to show that if you know your target audience and you have a sense of humour, using it to build an online following can be an incredibly innovative marketing technique. It just might land you your big break!


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