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Managing is Just About Business... Right?

Ben Preece discusses his tips for becoming a manager in his MIIO video, ‘Qualities And Skills Of A Good Manager’. What I found interesting about his video was that much of his advice was actually about the mental health of the creative minds he is working with. He discusses how it is important to have good people skills and to “practice the patience and also the tolerance of the working with creative minds.” (Preece, 2018). He then talks about how he finds that the creative mind is quite different from his and he has learnt to be accepting of this. With all the juggling independent artists have to do, mental health issues can often develop. From the view of a ‘creative mind’, I can definitely relate to the struggles of having to manage everyday life, relationships, studying, work, a day job, an appearance, self-managing and of course finding the time to be creative and produce my songs. As an artist, I can definitely say that I would very much appreciate a manager who understands the busy life of a musician and the toll it takes on mental health. Heather McDonald also discusses in her article ‘How to Become a Great Band Manager’, essentially how she tries not to let the creative minds ‘run too wild’ and make sure that she is the responsible one in the mix. She explains that a good manager is someone relatable and fun, but also professional and reliable. Being understanding and having a good relationship with your artist as well as being organised is the best way to ensure that they will be pleased with your services and you succeed as a team.


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