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Show Your Support to Be the Support

“You've got to go to gigs to get gigs’: Indie musicians, eclecticism and the Brisbane scene” by Ian Rogers, is a case study that delves into the indie music scene in Brisbane. Rogers discusses the similarities between the more modern scene, versus the ‘punk-rock’ past Brisbane is known for. The article draws on how indie musicians often are not thinking about earning money, but are more interested in being a part of a social experience. Being a part of the Brisbane music scene today - almost ten years on from this article - really is a community experience. With the ever-growing use of social media and technology, the networking between local indie acts is stronger and developing further. An article by Madeleine Laing discusses how tight-knit the local Brisbane indie music scene is thanks to the Fortitude Valley Precinct: “It’s really condensed, [and] easy to see lots of things in one night. This makes the community more tight-knit and cooperative, because it’s smaller than some other music cities. We’re all in it together in the Valley” (Weyand, 2018). As a musician in the community, I really do believe it is a good idea to go to other local artist's gigs. Many of the musicians I see at my shows are there because I have taken the time to go and support their shows. Sometimes this has evolved into a network where groups are booking each other for support shows and putting together local lineups, and sometimes it's just nice to see musicians supporting their peers. This continued support among local artists is what has made the Brisbane music scene what it is today.

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