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Social Media as a Marketing Tool: Simple? Think Again!

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

As independent musicians, there are many of us who cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on PR and marketing campaigns. Luckily, social media provides us with the ability to connect with fans and promote our music with ease. Vivienne Mellish discusses how artists can boost audience engagement in her MIIO video, “Importance of Social Media in Marketing”. Mellish talks about how observing other artists and the types of content they post can help you gain ideas for your own social media platforms. She also talks about the importance of analysing data to see ‘what works’ for your audience. I find the easiest way to decipher data is using the Facebook Analytics app (Pictured Below).

Facebook Data Analytics (Demo)

I find this tool to be incredibly useful in managing my audience engagement. I can easily determine when peak times are, and what type of posts provoke the most engagement. An article by CD Baby as part of their DIY Musician Blog extends on this. They suggest using scheduled posts so that your content reaches optimum engagement. They also mention the importance of using tags and encouraging interactions on instagram and facebook.

Something I have also found through my own personal experiences is that with the constant updates of social media, the algorithm for how posts reach people are constantly altered. This can significantly harm independent artist’s engagement with fans. Keeping on top of this algorithm is crucial to effectively managing your social media marketing tools and ensuring your page still gets maximum engagement. To read more about the latest algorithm and tactics to boost your engagement back up, SproutSocial offer a great article which can be found here.


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