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Turning Piracy Into Free Advertising!

Steven. C. Brown's,'"With a little help from my friends': Peer production and changing the face of the live album" explores the way that we approach music - particularly live albums - and the ever-changing relationship between artists and their fans. Brown discusses how piracy and the evolution of technology is often viewed as decreasing the value of music. The 'live album' is becoming far less popular as so many people can easily take home videos using their smart phone. However Brown also delves into how the development of technology allows artists to have more direct connections with their fans. The most important thing I drew from this piece is how artists can use their fans and their 'bootleg' recordings as a promotional tool. Instead of being disheartened that people are recording their own copies of your live performances, artists can use this as an opportunity to engage with fans. Social media can be utilised to run competitions and make compilations of their favourite videos, encourage fans to use a unique hashtag, or come up with other quirky ideas to engage fans via social media. This video shows Demi Lovato watching fans cover her songs and proved to be extremely successful in engaging fans. This is such a simple video to make, with the main work being done by the fans. These fans will then share the video in excitement and there you have it- easy and free promotion. As a music community, we need to adapt to the ever-changing technological world and make the most of our fans' new accessibility to our music and live performances.

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